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Going Home

It’s been a while since my first post and a lot has changed. Before I share I would like to say, what I post on this site is for my freedom and liberty. So please feel free to come and share my experiences with me, and there’s a bit of irony because this is a public page but please keep my words with you and hold them dear. They’re for you and anyone else who would like to read but not necessarily to share so with that being said. January 1st 2022 I officially moved back to my hometown of Spring Valley, New York in attempts to fight against the racial disparities currently taking hold in my home. In this moment community members are being displaced and to be quite truthful I don’t know how much longer but I’m giving myself a year, to try and create change.

As much as I’m excited to take on this task, I will not lie it’s already been stressful. I can’t help but hear Joy James, Captive Maternal ringing in my ear. What’s kept me grounded so far is Mereba‘s album The Jungle is the Only Way Out. I always go back to the album whenever I feel a tower moment coming. I’ve also been tasked with breaking the generational curse in my family. Although self appointed, it needed to be done. As much pain as my parents have cost me, I know that they’re also hurting. I claim this as my responsibility because I feel ready to take on the task. After years of running away from responsibility and myself, coming back home is the awakening I needed. This time I feel ready, I am ready!

The Jungle is the Only Way Out

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